Celtique Project

Nit: Nullability Inference Tool


Nit 0.5 for Windows can be obtained here and OCaml sources can be obtained here.

Nit is distributed Zipped with the documentation for Windows and as OCaml source files for all platforms. The software and documentation are licensed under the GNU GPL.

To compile the sources, you will need GNU Make (version >= 3.80), OCaml (version >= 3.10) and Zlib. It has been tested on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

To use the software, you will need a Java run-time environment. To obtain one, you need to install Sun or GNU JRE (i.e. on MacOS, you will probably need to find a computer with Linux or Windows installed). Then, get the .jar files used by the java command (with SUN's JRE try java -verbose |grep Opened) and give them on the command line of Nit with the --classpath option. Sun's Java 6 JRE works well, GNU's JRE is a lot lighter: it works faster when it does (when it does not, it outputs an error saying a class has not been found).

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